Relevant data and analyses deliver convincing facts



Clear statements are heard and bring transparency



Credible sources move markets and generate opinions and trends



Appealing texts and images raise interest and increase popularity


Welcome to S-MediaComm
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Good communication is noticed, raises interest and convinces target audiences!

Modern technology offers a variety of options to contact others fast and easy. But how to communicate best? This depends on the cultural background as well as the level of comprehension of the audience. But first and foremost, it depends on the goals that are pursued with the communication. After all, messages shall be heard, and implemented into action by the recipients.

A good concept as well as a list of objectives are essential. They will be of great help when planning communication measures, defining messages and identifying the appropriate communication channels.

Fields of Service


We create apt and fact-based content that addresses numerous topics in the fields of business and economics, finance and pension, law, politics, and sustainability.


We produce relevant articles addressing current affairs, that are suitable for various media formats. If desired, we also give support in media relations.


We give practical advice, draw up useful concepts, create gripping content, and assist in implementing communication measures if wanted.


We offer ideas and give feedback on writing, provide assistance with content matters and give support with formulating letters addressing official authorities or employers.


We advise and assist institutions as well as individuals in their communication endeavours, accomplish communication tasks and provide communication tools for organisations and private persons.


We do research on facts, figures, and relevant legislation, verify statements and history, work out essentials and develop new background.

The internet and social media are a tremendous source of information. The question is whether or not this information is true, whether the facts are correct and how these facts can be put into context. To evaluate this, knowledge and experience are required. Because any information is only as useful as it is relevant to the person seeking it.

Therefore, we

research information

verify facts and figures

consult about legislation

and elaborate on the information.

However, information is found not only in the world wide web. Even living in a multimedia world, the knowledge of persons involved and the spoken word are essential. We do include these where ever it is possible in our research.


We create fact-based and relevant content that addresses specific topics.

Good content is important, because only good content raises the attention of a targeted audience. This holds true for print products, that are to convince clients and employees likewise, as well as for online products, that are to catch the attention of a broader public audience. On internet, eye-catching images and texts decide about the level of attention that your audience is giving it. The more time a visitor spends on your internet site, and from there, proceeds to other pages, the higher the ranking Google and other search engines attribute to your site. This raises the probability to appear more up front on search engines.

We produce

Corporate publishing products



company reports



Professional articles




Social media contributions

we maintain social media accounts

as well as other internet sites

based on content management systems.


We publish online articles, maintain internet portals, design online platforms, and create print products.

To publish content online is multifaceted. Key is to find the most effective communication channel to spread the relevant information, either in social networks, via apps or company websites, or in other media. The work may also include to conceptualize sites and media and to maintain them regularly or on occasion. The content contains texts, images, and videos.


put content online

operate content management systems (CMS)

maintain websites and online plattforms

maintain social media accounts

conceptualize sites and media

produce print products.

To publish content online, we recommend a web software, if there’s no CMS or Intranet. Furthermore, a domain name, web hosting, an internet connection and an internet provider are needed. We do not offer these, but are able to advise you on it. For print products, we work together with graphic designers and print shops.


We design concept maps, provide communication tools, and give support in the implementation of communication measures.

Corporate- and marketing communication these days are digitalized, multidimensional and interactive. Thus, statements can be monitored, achievements tracked and institutions compared with others. Different communication tools must be well adjusted to the communication strategy and complementary to each other. This reinforces the appearance in public.

Corporate- and marketing communication comprise those activities, that support the image-building of an institution in the markets and in public, and help it more easily relate to its stake- and shareholders as well as its clients.

We support you in

Media relations

organizing press conferences

authoring press releases and preparing handouts

issuing press releases

media monitoring

media coaching

Public relations

designing concept maps and assisting with communication strategies

providing communication tools

organizing round tables and assisting with public events

advising on public appearance.


We produce professional articles and inserts for different kinds of media, and we draw up concepts for and maintain information portals.

News and information influence our whole life. Students and trainees, as well as professionals and consumers depend on certain kinds of information. They mostly get it by consuming media. In 2016, people watched, read, listened, streamed and posted more media than ever. Never before have there been more media offered, have people been able to retrieve more information as fast and abundant like today.

Media, on the other hand, carefully select the news they disseminate. They choose the sources, and pre-evaluate the information, often putting main emphasis on those aspects they believe will get the highest click rate. Media thereby influence people’s perception and mindset. Thus, media are able to stir emotions and provoke people to act in a certain way.

Suppliers of products and services take advantage of that. They maintain social network accounts, produce corporate news, blog and operate information platforms, addressing end consumers.


produce professional articles and inserts

conduct interviews

write reports and reportages

create tables and charts

offer layout and design

maintain and feed web portals.


We offer verbalization support, advice on grammar and style, give guidance on business correspondence and letters to public authorities, and we produce texts based on personal guidelines.

Words have power! And although no one can be made a better writer, people can learn how to write better. They can learn how to communicate more clearly, and express themselves more effectively, rather than to use general phrases. Thus, it is advisable to use precise words and omit loanwords, to make simple rather than multi-clause sentences, and to use punctuation marks, also as a reading aid.

With respect to form, the words chosen should personally address the recipient and take account of his or her status.

As regards content, one should have a clear idea about what to say. Remember – all statements claim something or make a point. It may be helpful to draw an outline, and to structure your ideas and arguments. Getting the main point across may decide for how convincing you are!

We advise you on

Style of writing






Language and wording

Media environment

Press handling

Specific letters

business correspondence

letters to public authorities

legal texts

letters of application

Public relations work

e-mails / mailings




Jeannette Schläpfer

Chief Executive Officer

B.A. International Relations

M.A. International Policy Studies

Studies in Law

Executive Master in Business Administration (E-MBA)

Communication Specialist (SPRI)

Professional Journalist (MAZ)

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

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Christie Lindhagen / Vodafone
Chef Technical Officer
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William Kerry
Human Resources / IBM
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Valeria Ghost
Executive Manager / Cadburry


How does an assignment work with us?

Firstly, we will discuss your request. Only if we know your business and the circumstances can we fulfill your needs. Secondly, we will submit an offer, showing different solutions according to your situation and the requirements. If you like our offer, we will come to an agreement and start the work!

How do you stay informed while we are at work?

If you wish, we will inform you regularly according to an agreed schedule. However, if you prefer less involvement, but a final solution, we are happy to do so too.

Do we work on projects together with you?

We address the wants and needs of our clientele with tailor made solutions. If you wish to work with us, whereby you or a third party has the lead, we will work with you very closely. If needed, we also support you doing internal work. However, should you wish that we work fully independent, we will gladly do so, provided we have all the facts.

How does the job handling work?

Once the work is done, we expect your feedback. Corrections and adjustments will be handled swift and unbureaucratic. After the assignment is completed, we will send you an invoice. We bill either by the hour or at flat rate, depending on the project and our agreement. The payment deadline usually is 30 days.


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EMAIL : info@s-mediacomm.com

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WEBSITE : www.s-mediacomm.com